Of Rain and Mushrooms

Rain brought us back early from our first camping trip of the year.  And now the rain’s bought my husband and I a few hours of quiet as the girls catch up on their sleep….For some reason s’mores don’t taste quite as sweet as they do until the sun has been down an hour or two and our girls are always ALWAYS up by 5:30.  That coupled with non-stop fun with our friends means no one gets enough sleep on our weekends out.  It’s a nice problem to have.

April is morel mushroom month here in Illinois, we all made a trip into the woods looking for them with no luck.  They’re a bit like unicorns—rare, well loved, even mystical in a way as everyone has their own family passed traditions on how to find them…and once found, they are a heavily guarded secret.   And let’s face it, if I found a bunch of unicorns, I’d keep them for myself too.  The mushrooms? I’d fry up and serve to my friends.


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