Release Day and the Weekend

Friday was the big day!  Better With Sugar had its official release and I survived!  I was worried I’d obsess and be glued to my computer/phone, but the husband stepped in and did something completely unexpected.  He took me on a countryside-bar crawl.  We hopped from dive to dive and had an absolute blast.  I’m such a light weight I had a drink every other stop and yet I laughed so much.  Its crazy how we can love someone so much, but life-work-schedules get in the way and everything becomes so routine living with them.  Its good to get out, sit on a sticky bar stool and catch up every once in a while.

We ended the weekend by working in our garden.  It was so nice to get our fingers into the soil for the first time this year and as the husband finished tilling each bed, our daughters all but climbed in and went swimming in the cool, black earth. They love the way it smells and would scoop up handfuls and bury their noses in it (needless to say, there were baths later).  We sowed snap peas, green beans and a variety of lettuces and spinach.  We found worms. We collected eggs from the chickens and took a walk around the property.  It was a pretty end to a pretty exciting weekend for me.  It’s not every day a girl publishes her first book.

Tomorrow brings us 10 new baby chickens and it will bring me back to the computer.  Time to hit book two hard and start planting my words one by one until an entire garden blooms.


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